martes, 25 de octubre de 2011

Gaddafi´s death moral debate

There are people who think that Gaddafi´s death was necessary to give Lybia the chance to start again as a new country:

Maybe others think that when we talk about Justice, we talk about something different...

Please, write down your opinion about what you have read and how would you solve this moral conflict.

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  1. Articles that speak about the importance of Gadaffi's death, a person who came and took it all before coming to rice to the power in an amazing way. In a manner so cruel as quickly, he took the law into their hand and some think he died fairly and others hate change he gave and received the same but in a very violent way. The articles are a bit complex but I agree with everything he says and I have learned many things about the Gadaffi's

    Nereida Déniz

  2. I´m Daniel Rodriguez, I´m going to say what I think about the Gadafi´s death.
    In my opinion I ´m agree, because I think that is the correct final for all that he has done.
    I think that the people that say that Gadafi deserved to go to the jail, they are not thinking in the people affected for that Gadafi has done, I remember you that he has killed a lot of people that didn´t have nothing with him, so how can you kill somebody because you like?, It is very unfair, and this is the reason for that I think he has had the end that he deserved. He has lived the life like a videogame, that you can do all you want , but who he didn´t know, is that all the videogames, have an end.

  3. Hi everybody! I think the texts are difficult to understand, as Nereida has said, but not impossible. Anyway it is good to improve our English (little by little, of course...).
    However, I don't agree completely with Daniel. All we know very well what Gaddafi has done and we share the thought that he must die, but do you think that with a shot in his head he has paid everything he did? I don't think it at all. I still think it was a present for him, the best one, because he didn't have any escape, this was perfect moment to catch him and judge him, always conserving the human rights, but he would pay by other way where he could really suffer. I don't have any idea of punishments, but a period of time in which someone makes him to think about his crimes, and in which he knows he will die and not because of the nature, could help...
    To sum up, my conclusion is that to have killed him was a very big mistake. He only felt afraid for a few seconds, it doesn't compensate all damage he made... Maybe I am thinking in a bad or vindictive way, but I can't see it from a different manner, he should have paid.

  4. The texts are difficult to understand but not impossible. I think that killing Gaddafi is not right or wrong because we all know that Gadaffi has done much damage, and if we put ourselves in the place of those people put in jail is not enough because: who says to us that when Gadaffi had left had not returned to do the same? There are unanswered questions but each one can put the right answer. They could have killed him otherwise, and no violence but so far is the only solution that Libya is "calm ·

  5. Hi, I'm Laura! I don't understand very well these articles because they have a high english level.

    Everybody can explain their actions, but Gaddafi was a bad person and one day, he had his opportunity to be a better person and he didn't take advantage.
    I'm agree with Daniel, if we had not killed Gaddafi, we didn't know what he could do. I know that it wasn't the best form to kill him, but I think that judge him would a waste of time.

  6. This is marta's comment.
    The texts are so difficult to understand.I think Gadhafi deserved to die because he never thought about the damagehe did tot he families of thousands of people he killed. should not have diedso brutal that way but I agree that Qaddafi would have to be dead even with his deat that people will not get the format back to live but if you get "peace" that many people do not die at the hands of an unscrupulous man.

  7. Hi, I'm María Sosa! The article is so difficult to understand. I'm agree with the Gaddafi's death, because he did after all terrible thinks that he done throughout his post. I think that he didn't deserve go to the jail, because he could bail whatever de price, and that when the time to stay in the jail passes, he would make de same, and if he didn't do, her accomplices, but is far better catch the chief, in this case, kill him.
    His death was so blatant, beacusoe the Lybian kill him when everybody can see, and its so hard the images that run around the world.

  8. Hi I am Pablo And I am not going to write a lot like my friends but I think I can explain it in a easer way with some sentences:
    I think that eye for eye and all the people will be invident, but in all the rules are esceptions, Gadafi is the esception that confirm the rule becouse he killed a lot of people of his people, of the people that he must defend and is not one person, they are hundreds of people that dead that are inocent.Logicaly that is my opinion is that I think and the people mustn't agree with me becouse there are some points of vist
    (Finally I write a lot, is a lot for me)